About Me

Hi! My name is Ruchika but my friends call me Chika.

My roots are Indian, specifically Mumbai, and I was born & raised in Dubai, UAE. I consider myself a self taught artist for the most part - I took all sorts of art classes from the time I could hold a crayon - from oil pastels, watercolor, acrylic, pottery, glass painting, fabric painting as well as pencil and charcoal in still life studies in university. But experimenting and learning from oils taught me what passion was and before I knew it I was a self taught artist. Painting on and off for years, I realized how my artwork really is a reflection of my (mostly) unconscious emotions, sometimes its just obvious - and its so interesting to see the pattern once you step back from the collection. I’ve always been drawn to figurative art finding it a powerful means of expressing the complexities of the human experience. I’m so proud to finally welcome you to my little world where I can showcase my work all in one place, hope you feel the joy & color just the way I do. <3